Kurmit’s Dilemma Has Been Launched!

In 2019, I became a founding member of a group called Building Emotional Regulation Through Storytelling (BERTS). Made up of writers, illustrators, teachers, and social workers, we came together with the goal of writing a series of children’s books, akin to Arthur or Frog and Toad. Our hope is that this series can be used by teachers, counselors, and others who work with kids to teach them emotional regulation and how to navigate social challenges.

Today, I am pleased to announce the publication of our first book in the Tales of Growyng Glen series: Kurmit’s Dilemma.

The Tales of Growyng Glen is a middle-grade fantasy series focusing on several children brought together from all walks of life. Under the tutelage of Priestess Uinnseann (pronounced oon-sheen), they learn to work with herbs, memorize stories passed down through generations of druids, and communicate with the spirits of the land. Our first book, Kurmit’s Dilemma, follows a young boy struggling to learn these new skills. He sets out on an adventure to discover a piece of ancient wisdom that could help him become a druid.

Books are now available for purchase on Barnes and Noble. Thanks, and enjoy!

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