Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Reviews

Some of you might be familiar with film critic and comedian Doug Walker, more commonly known as the Nostalgia Critic. Since 2007, this live-action cartoon character has been reviewing films commonly from the 80s and 90s, and recently extended to recent films such as Les Misérables and The Purge. His reviews have been creative, informative, and hilarious. In recognition of that, I’m counting down the top 12 Nostalgia Critic reviews.

#11: The King and I

Two things about this movie surprised me when I learned of its existence: a) there’s an animated version of The King and I, and b) it’s so bad that you wouldn’t believe it existed unless you saw it. This is one of the more underrated NC reviews. Nearly every comment the Critic makes about this movie is hard to argue with, and all of the jokes are both hilarious and subtle.

#10: The Room

One of the best things about the Nostalgia Critic is that his reactions to different atrocities can be applied to virtually anything, whether it be a bad movie or parts of life in general. And The Room is no exception. If you’re familiar with this movie, you can only imagine how a live-action cartoon character like the Critic would react to such outrageous filmmaking. Much like the movie, this review is something that simply must be seen to be believed.

#9: Wicker Man

Once in a while, the Critic spends a month honoring actors who—like himself—have the personality of cartoon characters. In January of 2014, the actor to be honored was Nicholas Cage. And the second Cage movie reviewed was Wicker Man. Not only was it a good way of introducing Tamara Chambers as a supporting actress, but it was also an excellent commentary of the movie itself, satirizing some of its scenes as well as attempting to analyze what the director was trying to accomplish. And the ending is one of the Critic’s funniest moments altogether.

#8: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2

This is probably the first (and hopefully, not last) time we see the Critic do a live review. It’s all improv, where all he has is one camera and the reactions of his audience. It opens with my favorite NC line: “Has anyone here seen this movie? GET OUT!!!” And it just gets funnier from there, building up to the surprisingly intense and stupid finale that the film decided to create. That ending…well, just watch the review and see for yourself.

#7: The animated Titanic rip-offs

The existence of not just one, but two animated rip-offs of Titanic is mind-boggling. In the first one, we not only get constant reminders of how unoriginal it is, but we also get a rapping dog. Now, that alone is enough to make any NC fan anticipate a freak out, and the results did not disappoint. The other was so insulting that it had to be ripped to shreds. And who better to do so than the Nostalgia Critic? Historians and Roger Ebert, maybe, but that’s a whole other debate.

#6: Disney Afternoon

Instead of a movie, the Critic spends forty-five minutes reviewing a collection of animated TV shows that Disney gave us between 1990 and 1997. He takes a look at the good and bad moments of the Disney Afternoon, he revisits his own childhood in the process, and he exercises his talent of being unpredictable in how he reacts to the stuff he talks about. It’s recently reached about a million views on YouTube, becoming one of the most popular NC episodes. And considering that it’s one of my favorites, that makes me happy.

#5: The Grinch

It’s no secret that the Critic despises the modern-day adaptations of Dr. Seuss’s books, and this movie is no exception. Funnily enough, the review itself seems to fit the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s Grinch better than the ACTUAL adaptation of the Grinch. Not only is the review completely in rhyme, but the ending is also enlightening, touching, and welcome.

#4: The Purge

Honestly, there’s only one reason for putting this review high on the list: the cameos of Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, aka Pinky and the Brain. I mean, okay, the points he makes are excellent, the jokes are good, and the imitation of the Polite Leader is fantastic. But…darn it, give me Pinky and the Brain swearing at each other and apparently bringing world peace by splitting up!

#3: Casper

It’s hard to tell which is funnier, NC’s take on the Casper character (provided by the animation skills of Walker’s team as well as the voice-acting talents of Walker himself) or the ending where he chases Evil Casper into a GMX con and chaos ensues. The critique itself is well done, the reactions are typical of the Critic, and I do like the concluding thoughts on the movie. But let’s be really honest, the part we all love most is the interaction between Evil Casper and the Nostalgia Critic from beginning to end.

#2: Pearl Harbor

Never have I agreed more with the Critic than in his take on a movie so insulting on so many levels. If you’re wondering why so many people love to hate this movie (I know you’re out there), this review will set the record straight and explain exactly why Michael Bay’s attempt at recreating history deserves to be smashed to pieces. The review also has its funny moments, as usual, but the most memorable moment is when the Critic breaks character and delivers a rant straight to Bay about how upsetting the movie is—which only became more poignant when fans learned about Walker’s father being in the military. Of all the reviews I’ve mentioned in this countdown, this is the one I recommend the most…well, with the exception of one:

#1: Les Misérables

Reasons for giving this review the number one spot: It’s a musical review. It’s a crossover involving half of the other people involved in Channel Awesome. It’s a musical review. The comments and jokes are spot on. It’s a musical review. It has a variety of opinions that anyone can choose to agree or disagree with (excluding thoughts on Russell Crowe’s acting and singing). It’s a musical review. It’s a clever satire of the movie itself. Did I mention that it’s a musical review?

This review is not only a perfect demonstration of the Nostalgia Critic’s talents in comedy and evaluation, but it’s also a friendly reminder that people have different opinions. Walker is a believer in discussing and sharing different evaluations, but nowhere does that come out best than in his review of Les Mis. And that’s why it deserves the number one spot. Also, it’s a musical review, so that’s a big bonus.

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